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Trade Show Displays - Part 2

Trade Show Displays: Costs

Cost is not an impediment to having a great trade show display booth. Larger displays with more offerings do tend to be more expensive. Tower trade show displays are very impressive but are also very costly. Such displays add to the image an exhibitor projects and may translate directly into more sales. However, this is not always the case, or it may not generate enough extra sales to offset the additional cost. An exhibitor at trade fairs, trade shows, and exhibitions needs to carefully gauge the likely return on the marketing investment that a display represents.

Determining the appropriate display based on function and impact allows companies to make good decisions about the costs of trade show displays. Many less expensive options offer true value for purchasers in the impact, adaptability, and ease they allow.

Many less expensive set-ups can be leveraged to great effect with powerful graphic panels and color schemes. Impact can also be compounded by careful coordination of different display styles. A fabric wall combined with coordinated banners can give a booth depth and space similar to that provided by expensive tower or panel displays. Similarly multiple pop-up displays can be arranged to define space and place graphics in attractive ways that draw customers in.

Trade Show Displays: The Foundation for Building Relationships

It is always good to remember that the show display is the foundation upon which business relationships start. A well-designed display booth should not only bring customers in but also allow for easy and comfortable interaction between company representatives and customers. This, after all, is the primary reason for trade shows.

Trade Show Displays: Options

Display styles are available for every budget and purpose today. Most displays can easily be adapted for each show with new panels, banners, or pop-up displays. Exhibitors often layer their booths with different display styles to entice customers in for conversation. Common booth display styles are listed below:

Panel Displays:

The most common display at trade shows, they range in size from tabletop models to 20 feet in width. They are usually constructed of fabric-covered frames that can be easily disassembled for ready portability. Fabrics can be customized with colors and logos.

Tension Fabric Displays:

Modern, easy-to-use, and lightweight, these freestanding tension fabric displays are kings of color and impact. Their frames are made of either folding metal or tension rods.

Tower Displays:

Tower displays provide a modern environment with high impact. The truss frames allow for a wide variety of forms and options for graphic panels and screens. The structure easily supports additional lights, displays, and cabinets.

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