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Portable Trade Show Displays Part 2

Portable Trade Show Displays Part 2

More Dynamic Pop-Up Displays

If a table is not in your plan, but maximum impact is, the large pop up wall may be your choice. Their sizes can deceive; even the striking 10-foot exhibit is still remarkably easy to set up. What kind of surface your message is delivered on reflects quality; a popular surface is the fabric-covered display. It is a pleasant background to plan a dynamic message to 'leap off' from; with a little planning, it can also lead potential clients right into your literature shelves. The more interaction they have with your booth, the more likely you will enroll them.

A Stunning Display Wall

With the maximum mobility, the 10-foot pop-up floor model has a commanding presence. It is a practical and popular portable trade show display. Floor displays are a viable alternative, in these exhibits, to the tabletop display -- because maximizing every inch of potential space for graphics design at conventions is imperative.

Even so, the graphic panels must be supported by a framework of some kind, whether it is on banner stands, on a fabric-covered display, or on the many varieties of pop-up displays. What they all have in common is that the amount of time saved in setting up the display can be re-allocated to more valuable selling activities.

Literature Rack Strategy

While setting up your graphic design using pop-up models, you can still interact productively with the public by setting up the literature shelves first; it creates that valuable first impression. By becoming approachable as early as possible in the competitive trade show, you can begin a conversation that is likely to continue towards a sale. An astute trade show organizer knows that maximizing every minute, and square inch of exposure, at a trade fair convention means greater ROI.

This is why it is so important to not underestimate the value of a good display case. These cases are light and fast, and provide the exhibitor with a speedy transition from case-to-counter. The sooner the graphic displays on your fabric panels become visible to the public, the more likely your trade show display will be one of the first seen. Many of your competitors at the trade shows will consistently undervalue these critical first minutes, often not using even basic portable panel exhibits, so why not take advantage of them?

This is why portable trade show displays are such a good investment, and they come in so many varieties. From the pop up wall to the 10-foot exhibit, from tool-free pedestal counters to tabletop folding displays, your pop-up trade show displays will provide both maximum exposure of company graphics, and minimum set up hassles for your exhibit.

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