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Pop Up Trade Show Displays 2

Pop Up Trade Show Displays - Part 2

Designing a Trade Show Booth

The purpose of a pop-up trade show display is to showcase your business in the most eye-catching way possible. Thus, you have to determine what you can do with your display to make it stand out. Trade show accessories will help you do this, but the graphics you use will provide the foundation you need to build on. If you have items that are bright and colorful, choose a subtle background that will allow them to shine on their own. If you have subtle products, think about using bold graphics to draw people in. Feel free to put your company mission on display, or a photo of the place you would likely see someone using your product. Create an environment, not just a booth.

Trade Show Display Accessories

Your pop-up booth may not be all you need to really make you stand out. There are tons of accessories you can explore help to promote your products. One of the most common accessories booth owners will purchase is lighting. Lighting conditions vary from show venue to show venue, and proper lighting can enhance your display unlike anything else, making your wares and graphics pop. They can also bring out special details that are not noticeable in standard lighting.

Carrying cases are practical accessories to purchase with trade show displays because they can help you safely cart your pop-up from show to show. A carrying case will offer protection for your display while providing you with an easy way to transport it. Everything can fold away into a simple case that you can throw in your trunk until the next trade show comes around.

Shelving could help your pop-up as well because that would provide you with a place to show off your goods more easily. Tables can get cluttered over time and shelves can put everything on display at eye level. They also help separate different components to provide organization and definition for your booth. The shelves will vary in size, shape, and assembly requirements, so you'll need to find what works for you.

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