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Pop Up Trade Show Booths - Part 2

Custom Displays

Custom made booths can be effective if you're looking to create an unique presence. This can be a tricky undertaking though, as you do not want to build something that's more distracting than appealing. Full blown custom modular trade show booths are a more expensive option, but can be worth it if they attract your target audience.

Generally custom displays are based on the needs of the exhibitor. Separated spaces, hard wall panels, stages, work stations and large metal structures usually make up this type of exhibit. A marketing study suggests that a trade show setup that is well organized and visually appealing can yield from a 5-10% increase in overall business.

Custom booths or a custom modular display may have limitations established by the exhibitor. These are often found at theme trade shows. That doesn't mean you cannot be creative with your setup. Keep in mind that it is the content that sells people on your particular pitch. Adding photo displays or a mural to your setup can be a way to attract attention and still conform to exhibit guidelines. A custom modular setup is usually designed to be durable for multiple uses.

Panel Displays

These are the most common type of trade show setups. These can be simple foldout displays illustrating details, fast facts, testimonials and key features. A custom setup is characterized by custom graphics, which include a selection of fabric and colors.

It is generally recommended to choose a single color or at most two coordinating colors for a custom display. You do not want the colors and graphics to take away from the general purpose of the display. Lighting is essential to any type of setup at a trade show and you do not want to depend solely on the lighting at the event.

For a panel setup, the lighting should be subtle. For example, if you have a three panel setup, back-lighting is usually effective because it will draw attention equally to each panel.

Trade Show Booths

A trade show booth is no longer just a simple table setup. Trade show booths now often include graphics as part of their design. Fabric tension booths, which include graphics with the setup, can be just as easy to setup and breakdown as a pop-up display. Hybrid exhibits are also a popular trend - these designs combine metal components with colorful graphics, yet remain easy to setup.

A little effort with the concept of displays can lead to more productive results. Exhibits should be designed to stand out from the crowd in an effective way. This is usually why pop up displays are preferred. Pop-up displays are easy to store, setup and transport and often contain all the elements of the presentation.

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