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Trade Show Displays

Get Noticed – Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are showcases of the latest products and services that a particular industry has to offer. For a vendor, trades shows are often a critical component of that company’s marketing efforts. For attendees, trade shows, also known as trade fairs, are a means to stay current with products and services they purchase for business or personal use. Trade shows, therefore, are an important nexus for vendors and their clients and customers.

Companies that rent space at trade shows want to receive the greatest possible exposure during the several days of the event. Consequently, prime floor space at trade shows is expensive and obtaining it can be competitive as companies jockey for high profile, high traffic locations. This highlights the fact that visibility and impact in an exhibitor’s trade show presentation are both important in getting the greatest return on the costs involved.

Trade Show Displays: Function

Exhibitors set up trade show displays for two purposes: to have a place to demonstrate their wares and to draw attendees in to inspect those wares. For the first of these, the choice of a display booth will vary depending upon the nature of the wares being shown. This functional aspect is the starting place for any display choice. In some cases, particularly for services or intangibles, a company may have little to physically see or handle and a booth primarily serves as a place to greet and converse with clients. Other companies need a more inclusive space to allow customers to handle product, see demos, be entertained or become informed through visual presentations, and perhaps even place orders. Presentation purposes drive a trade booth’s size and design.

Trade Show Displays: Impact

The second purpose of a trade show display is to attract as many likely customers as possible. Vendors always strive to have different, attractive, and contemporary displays to pique a customer’s interest. Fortunately, today’s wide variety of materials allows for color, graphics, and design to be applied to every aspect of a display booth inexpensively. Most booths allow for interchangeable panels or banners to allow for continual visual variety.

Visual impact is especially important for those floor spaces that are smaller and farther away from the main entrance. Visually appealing signs and materials help bring in customers from all across the fair grounds. Some trade shows allow banners and surfaces to be held high so a company’s logo or advertisement can be seen from afar. Additional, carefully placed signs and graphics may also be allowed elsewhere by trade fair organizers.

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