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Pop Up Trade Show Exhibits Part 3
Pop Up Trade Show Exhibits

Pop up trade show exhibits are not the only advancements in modern convention exhibit styles. Companies can create almost any effect in their trade show pop up booth. For designs that require more than the basic panels incorporated in a traditional trade show pop up display, modular booths can be designed. Modular booths come in several pieces that can be put together right on the display floor. These designs can be designed to serve multiple purposes, from generating display space to integrating a podium for product demonstrations. Pop up display booths can be used in conjunction with modular designs to add more depth to the graphics on the convention display. The more depth and interest a trade show booth can create, the longer the average convention-goer will spend viewing the exhibit. To really capture the imagination and interest of potential clients, trade show booths should incorporate unusual or unexpected elements. A variation on the traditional trade show pop up display booth is a gull-wing shaped display booth. The curved lines of the gull-wing pop up display also help it stand out from a crowd of plain, boring exhibits.

When it comes to user-friendly designs, pop up trade show booths are the gold standard. Why try to carry and assemble heavy, bulky panels when you can have an immediate impact with flexible, vibrant pop up booths. Companies can create nearly any kind of design and incorporate it into their pop up trade show exhibit booth. Graphic packages are affordable and easy to add to any pop up trade show exhibit. Whether it is a company logo, or picture of the company’s signature product, the bright pop of color that comes with a well-designed graphic incorporated into a trade show display booth will help bring customers straight to your company’s booth for more information.

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